Non-Audit CPA Assurance

One-Time, Recurring Monthly or Annually Service

Experience the confidence that comes with our CPA services. Provided by our team of certified public accountants (CPAs), these services offer a reliable analysis of your company’s financial statements or other financial information. Therefore, non-audit CPA services are often used by companies that do not require a full audit of their financial statements, but still need to provide assurance to stakeholders such as lenders, investors, or regulatory bodies. Certainly, these services can help improve the reliability and credibility of financial information.

Examples of non-audit assurance services include:
  • CPA Preparation or CPA Compilation Financial Report
  • CPA Review of prospective financial information, such as financial projections or forecasts

With our non-audit CPA assurance services, you gain more than just financial analysis. You gain peace of mind, knowing that your financial information has been reviewed by professionals. Let us provide the assurance you need to make informed financial decisions with confidence. 

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Case Study

Client Profile: A software development company in Delaware.
Challenge: The client needed to present credible financial statements for crowdfunding investment but wanted to avoid the cost and time involved in a full audit.

Services Provided: We provided CPA Review services.
Approach: Our team conducted a thorough review of their financial statements, focusing on key areas of investor interest.

Outcomes: The client was able to present professionally reviewed financial statements, increasing investor confidence and aiding in securing new investments.
Client Testimonial: “I recently had the privilege of working with TAFE. Their expertise was evident, not only in the quality of work but in the willingness to share knowledge. My experience was both enlightening and efficient. I’ll be seeking their services again.”