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Our CPA firm offers guidance and assistance to both for-profit companies and non-profit organizations. This allows leaders to concentrate on achieving their business objectives.

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Our Solutions to Common Issues

  • βœ… Open Communication: 24/7 access via text to an accounting expert.
  • βœ… Advanced Technology: We automate our processes.
  • βœ… Flexibility: We adapt to your business needs
  • βœ… Consistent and Timely Service: Reliable service all year, including tax season because we don’t provide tax services.
  • βœ… Transparent Pricing: Flat-rate pricing with no hidden fees.

Common Issues with CPA Firms

  • ❌ Lack of Communication: Difficult to reach, slow responses.
  • ❌ Poor Technology: Outdated tools, inefficient processes.
  • ❌ Inflexibility: Unadapting to new needs or models.
  • ❌ Inconsistent Service and Slow Turnaround: Quality varies, delays during busy seasons (especially during tax season)
  • ❌ Pricing Transparency: Unclear billing, unexpected costs.

What services do we offer?

Our accounting firm offers a range of financial services. These services include book clean-up, reviews, preparation, compilations, agreed-upon procedures, and audits.

Our goal is to ensure that your finances are reliable. Gain valuable insights from accounting experts to make informed decisions and achieve your goals. Designed for private companies and non-profits needing dependable financial expertise.

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Hard-working Black-Owned CPA offer accounting & finance services

Which states do we provide services to?

At True Accounting & Finance Experts, we proudly serve clients across multiple states. See the full list of states where our services are available. Let us help you navigate your specific financial needs with confidence.

Which states do we provide services to?

We proudly serve clients across multiple states, meeting regional requirements with tailored solutions. See the full list of states where our services are available. Let us help you navigate your specific financial needs with confidence.

Hard-working Black-Owned CPA offer accounting & finance services

How to verify the CPA license of a firm? is an online resource for verifying the credentials and licensing status of CPA firms across the United States. It provides up-to-date info to confirm if a CPA firm has an active state license, ensuring transparency and trust. Ideal for businesses seeking assurance services, it offers a quick way to verify credential and compliance.

How to Verify a CPA License? How to Verify a CPA License Firm?
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Chris Santos – CEO

Affinity Innovations Inc

“Services wasn’t just timely; the CPA went above by educating me on several aspects, enriching my understanding. Experience was enlightening.”

Aleina Almeida – CEO

Meridian Int’l Sourcing Group

Professionalism and communication stood out the most. The dedication to genuinely help my business has been beyond my expectations.

Matthew Johnson – CEO

Restoration House Ministries

Very impressed by the knowledge, professionalism, and ability to deliver on time. Top notch quality!

What are CPA reviewed financial statements?

A Certified Public Accountant reviews financial statements to examine financial documents. During a review, a CPA performs analytical procedures and inquiries. This provides limited assurance that the financial statements are free of material misstatements.

This type of review is less thorough than an audit. Also, it provides a moderate level of assurance to stakeholders about the accuracy and reliability of the financial information.

What are auditing and assurance services?

Auditing and assurance services are professional services provided by CPAs to improve the transparency and reliability of financial information. Auditing involves a comprehensive examination of a company’s financial records to ensure accuracy and compliance with accounting standards. Assurance services encompass a broader range of services that aim to improve the quality of information for decision-makers. These can include risk assessments, internal controls evaluations, and compliance checks.

What is a CPA compiled financial statement?

A CPA compiles financial statements using information from the client. During a compilation, the CPA does not verify the accuracy of the information or provide any assurance. They format the financial data into a standardized statement, ensuring clear and professional presentation.

Can a CPA certify financial statements?

Yes, a CPA can certify financial statements through an audit. When a CPA certifies financial statements, they assure that the statements are accurate and free of major errors. This certification is vital for investors, creditors, and stakeholders who rely on accurate financial information for decision-making.

Our team of highly skilled accounting experts is dedicated to helping your business thrive. With extensive experience across various industries, our professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to manage your financial needs efficiently. We understand that every business is unique, so we tailor our services to meet your individual requirements, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

From meticulous accounting to thorough auditing, our accounting experts offer a full range of solutions designed to support your business’s financial growth.

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Transform your financial management with our CPA services. Serving clients across multiple states, we provide quality service and deliver actionable insights.

Discover how our tailored services can benefit your organization and ensure financial accuracy.

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