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We know that maintaining the integrity of financial reporting is significant to building trust with stakeholders. Our assurance services are designed to meet client’s specific needs, providing the clarity through our CPA services. Whether it’s compilation, review, agreed-upon procedures, or an audit, our dedicated team is here to support.

Understanding Our Clients

We recognize that every business is unique, and we take the time to understand specific needs and challenges. Our goal is to provide clients with the clarity and insights in order to succeed. Contact us to learn more about our assurance services based on your industry and state.

CPA Compilation

A compilation involves presenting financial information in the form of financial statements without providing any assurance of their accuracy. It is suitable for businesses that need financial statements for internal use or to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Our compilation services include:
Financial Statement Preparation: We prepare financial statements based on the information provided by management.
No Assurance Provided: We do not perform any procedures to verify the accuracy of the information.

CPA Review

A review offers limited assurance that financial statements are free from material misstatement. While less extensive than an audit, a review involves analytical procedures and inquiries to ensure the reliability of the financial information.

Our review services include:
Analytical Procedures: We conduct analytical procedures to identify unusual trends or variances.
Inquiries of Management: We engage in detailed inquiries with the management team to understand the financial statements.

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“CPA service wasn’t just timely; the CPA went above by educating me on several aspects, enriching my understanding.
Experience was enlightening.”

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Agreed Upon Procedures

Agreed-upon procedures involve performing specific procedures to address particular areas of concern as defined by the client. These procedures provide insights into specific financial aspects without the need for a full audit.

Our agreed-upon procedures services help address specific concerns and gain the targeted assurance needed to make informed business decisions.


An audit provides the highest level of assurance on the accuracy and completeness of financial statements. It involves a thorough examination of the financial records and internal controls to ensure compliance with accounting standards.

Depending on the industry, our CPAs may need to conduct on-site visits to gather detailed insights and verify records.

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CALMN Holdings

“Working with TAFE has been a seamless and valuable integration into my business operation. They truly take the worry out of managing the financial affairs of your business.”

Financial Statement Guide.
CPA Services.

Need more help understanding financial statements? Our free guide covers everything you need to know about financial statement services, including compilation, review, and audit.

You’ll learn how to prepare your financial statements, understand how compiled statements can help with initial financing, discover how reviewed statements provide assurance for growing businesses, and learn about audits for complex financing and investor needs. It includes a comparison chart to easily compare different financial statement services.

You’ll get expert advice from experienced CPAs, simple explanations of complex topics, and practical tips for your business. Source: AICPA

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